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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Upon Reflection...........

Critters big and small are in Bull Arm. This little guy got our attention as we were on our way back from Duck Islands and Bull ISland Tickle. I thought at first he was kind of floundering in the water but in retrospect he may have been just finding his way on his own. Later we saw a few other bigger seals that were perhaps looing for him.

This Bald Eagle was spotted on our way out the Arm. There appears to be some animal diversity in this quiet community. Perhaps of course "the quiet" affording this opportunity.

Upon further reflection it felt like we were paddling on a lake not a coastal arm. Bull Arm I am sure has its' share of wind and sassy weather like any part of NFLD. Today however was to be tranquil and relaxing. It was a day of roving on the water and dilly-dallying around most of the day. The water was so clear and near the Duck Islands at the exit of the arm into Trinity Bay you could see clear to the bottom and there sure were a lot of scallops down there I wouldn't have minded getting to. Lots of sealife on the floor of the arm as well.

Of course the paddle was with Tony but it is nice when the other animals show up on the paddle as well. Our blogs always have pictures of us. Sometimes it is difficult because of conditions or geography to capture the life around us. Today we did.

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