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Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Putting That Pump Away!"

My Little work shed. Cluttered but I know where everything is.
Does that count!
Need another sunny day for spring cleaning.

Todays project was designated for hull repair but since I had the fiberglass out I decided to finally put that pump on the hull of my boat . Homemade toggles and all.

Might as well add an under deck water bottle holder. I am trying to organise
my deck for our paddle from Rose Blanche to Burgeo at months end.

Secure and tidy. That mission accomplished. Sometimes you just have to spend time
if not in the shed....near it.

I may have mentioned this in another post but when I work on my boat I use two lawn chairs as "saw horses". Works like a charm and you can adjust them accordingly. That's the way it is when your shed won't fit your 18 foot boat. I like sunny days.


2 Krazy Kayakers said...

Nice work! We recently made a small hole in our kayaks to run a camelback water line through. Its water tight and we store the bladders in our hatches so they stays nice and cold.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Nothing like personalizing your own craft. That water hose sounds like a good idea. Any pics. Thanks for commenting. Stan

2 Krazy Kayakers said...

I just posted a blog with pictures about how we installed the water hoses to our kayaks if your interested.

avital said...

I did that too in my own woodcraft kayak. Very comfortable and leaves your deck clean!