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Monday, June 21, 2010

"Finishing Touches"

On June 29th we leave for Burgeo. I put together my maps on a 500m scale. I printed them off on legal size paper from my Blue Charts from Map Source and had them all laminated. 32 in all.

Once around the apple tree James and home for...... I just wanted to illustrate the length of our paddle at a 500m map scale that's about   (----------------)  this long on the actual map. Shot from my deck. With my lawn chair saw horses. Heee Haaw! THese are the 32 maps from above.

A most important finishing touch is this label. Not just any label. This is one of our club boat labels that we put on our kayaks for identification purposes. Very handy should you become seperated from your boat on shore or in water. It makes identification of owner simple which is extremely important in a rescue situation when rescuers come upon and empty and usually overturned boat. I have mine behind my seat with a thin coat of resin over it. Another sunny day achievement. lol

Beef Jerky is in the dehydrater, GORP has to be bagged, final food purchases have to be collected then I should be ready.


Brian Newhook said...

Burgeo is an amazing place to paddle. My wife and I paddled there back in 2005 for a few days. It was our first year kayaking, so we were very cautious. There is so much there to see, we only scratched the surface in the few days we were there. Ya'll are gonna have a ball.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy! Have a good trip, Stan. I look forward to your pictures.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I can only imagine Brian. We are looking forward to the whole paddle from Harbour La Cou to Burgeo and points in between.


Tony said...

This getting ready is really stressful, so much stuff to remember and put together. Can't wait to actually get going.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks CBG and good luck with your own training.

Tony I hear ya. We need water.

S :)