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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Birds Of The Bar-B-Q, Part 2"

Birds Of A Feather......

After a week and a half the avian crowd seems to still be doing fine. Had to shoo away a few cats but when the lid is down , which is all the time, they are safe from everything except us. We treat them very well.

With faces only a mother could love we allow her to do just that. We interject no intereferance other than to take these shots when she is absent. It is nice watching her feed her young daily with worms. She ignores anything we put out.

They will probably be well grown when I get back maybe even gone but I was hoping to watch them learn to fly. The blue egg of before has obviously hatched and there are five little critters now. You can see here there metallic looking skin and new feathers. They still haven't grown into their beaks yet though.

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