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Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Guess What?"

I'm Done!

What a treat to be finished and what a good feeling to have almost what I wanted in terms of shape and color. She's done byes and the Tung Oil is drying. Observations: Having worked with stain before I should have used a cloth instead of brush for a more smooth and gradual transition to the tone I was looking for. I like the final result and it kind of has a burnt look about it. I can live with that. The tips came out really nice and are solid. The Tung oil went of well and I have buffed the surfaces twice now and will let dry for a final oiling tomorrow.

My Superior paddle is ,well, superior, but they seem to complement each other and I can't wait to christen my new blade. They both feel spectacular in my hands and I think that should mean something.

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