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Friday, March 26, 2010

"Wings In The Wind""

I've been kind of sick for two weeks. Cold in the head and in the lungs. I was once diagnosed with emphysema. Apparently I don't have that but whatever I have when I now get a cold it lingers hard. Nothing to do with kayaking other than I haven't been getting out there. I just don't feel that well and even getting to the gym, when I do is a chore. Really tired. Blah, Blah, So I haven't been posting. But I do love my water and I miss it I guess.

The pictures I took of these swans inspired me to post. I was thinking, where do they go when they get sick? Do they leave the water? Do they just cuddle and float? They probably would like that. I studied these birds for a few hours one day. They are so graceful, intelligent I think, and very beautiful. What intrigued me in one instance, I photographed in the header, as a small breeze sprang up the swans reacted by opening their wings enough to catch the wind to propel them along the water. They did this numerous times and to me appeared to be using their wings like sails. It was captivating and intriguing at the same time. It was also very effortless and it helped them maneuver against the current of the stream. I was likening their responses to efficient paddling strokes. Ones executed that from practise have become instinct and unnoticed to the average Joe I guess, unless you were a paddler of course. Much like the efficiency of the moving swans, if one didn't take the time to notice you would probably miss what they were doing with their wings in the wind. Taking time to, "stop and smell the Rhino poo", a friend of mine use to say. Being sick has a tendency to make you reflect.

I've decided also that these birds could maintain composure when the world around them became chaotic. Well of course I likened this to maintaining your cool in a rough kayaking situation. While everyone is in a frenzy around you, you do not have to opt for that group mentality of thrashing about. Maintaining your cool will help get what you want, whether it is to safety in a kayak or to your feeding ground as was the case in the picture above and below the header photo, as the park attendant was feeding all the birds and the ducks were thrashing ravenously. The experience on a whole was and excellent two hours spent watching and photogrpahing the birds. But like some kayakers, they are shy and challenging to keep up with, as they do not stay in one place for very long.

Maybe this weekend will bring water time for me as well. Of course I'll still shower, not the same!!! Being on it like the swans seems to be most enjoyable. I'll keep that in mind. I may get a chance to use my Greenland paddle(only tried it once) again but now my thoughts may be drifting to avian propulsion......the winged blade...or maybe I am just deliriously sick again. I do loves me water though!


Anonymous said...

Missed your posts. Hope you feel better.

Tony said...

Its a bummer being sick, having been under the weather myself earlier this year. This too shall pass and we shall paddle. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Tony :-)

Silbs said...

When male swans get ill the female nags until they go to the vet. Stop screwing around and get checked. I want to be observing your pics for a long time. (call me in the morning :))

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks all. I'm feeling much better actually. Flovent for the lungs, food for the stomach, and rest for the brain, which always seems to be the hardest thing to shut off for me. lol Not much there, just can't shut it

A cold hard rain today. Good to be indoors. Pool tonight maybe. Big Screen 46in (which is new,graduated from about a 24 inch), more likely. Not much of a TV watcher, but tonight that may change.

Hope to be on the water soon though, missin' paddling with the lad-e-o's and snappin' up some shots.

All the best everyone,