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Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Red, Right, Return"

I bet all who use some form of nautical navigation will recognise what this means. Taking the Red buoy on the starboardside returning from ocean. Of course red buoys being taken normally on the Port, Port, left, Red(short words). Starboard, right, green(long words).

Today some KNL members, Dan and Pete gave an interesting talk on basic navigation and GPS navigation. No matter how often you attend these sessions you always seem to take something away and I guess that is what it is all about. So this year it will be emphasis of fog navigation and nighttime navigation. Always soemthing to hone in on in paddlin. In the above shot Pete is demonstarting the use of the parallel ruler in assisting with plotting a course as Ralph andDean look on.


Tue Olesen said...

"Red, Right, Return" - good one. In danish, 'shag' works for me. What's the sailors smoking? Shag tobacco!

It abbreviates

Styrbord (starboard)
Højre (right)
Altid (allways)
Grøn (green)

Cheers, and thanks for the read!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Interesting Tue, I wonder if there are others out there that bloggers could share here? I will post them If I get any. Thanks for commenting.


juan cruz said...

me parece muy interesante tu blog si pudieras hacerme el favor de poner el traductor te lo agradeceria. gracia!!!