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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Washed Up"

Well I'm not sure of the event that occurred here but it sure looks like the interpretation stations were shattered by waves here in Witless Bay Newfoundland. This is a beach not far at all from the roadway and local grocer. This Saturday I went for a drive down the south shore taking pictures and of course came across this. This is not the first time in the last month that this site has presented itself. We also saw this at our put-in at St. Philips, where waves and rocks from the beach there breached the retaining wall and washed up on the wharf. So what is going on? Are the waters actually getting higher due to global warming? Are we just in the middle of some astrological alignment? Perhaps storms are occurring more frequently and more treacherously. What does that mean for kayakers? Well beautiful places like caves and such we can now access may be inaccessible. Also areas not reachable may now be accessible. A bit of give and take at what cost, to wild life and habitats of coastal plants and animals. Perhaps us kayakers may be the first to know.

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