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Sunday, February 07, 2010

"Just The Bow"

Sometimes it is just the bow of a kayak you see in photos, not the whole kayak, hard to do if you are taking the picture yourself.
This is my Perception Eclipse rotomolded boat, my first kayak. Alot of bow shots later and alot of different waters under it's hull, it has served me extremely well. From the Pacific to the Atlantic this boat has been. As far north as Fort St. John, BC.
The bow of a kayak is put there on purpose or inadvertently to basically accomplish the same thing in both instances and that is to give perspective to your shot and of course to let others know that that is your boat and you were there....see!
This boat has been recaulked several times, rudder cable changed, new deck lines added, sealed launched many times, beached often, pulled through mud on rivers up north, sat on, pee-ed in, ate on, rudder caught on gargae door, dropped, dunked, rolled, dove off, stood on, laughed in, cried in, humbled in, fogged in, rained in, iced in, frozen, sunned, carried, shouldered, scrapped, scratched, holes put in, fittings added, miles on miles added in strokes, stolen, found, floated alone, retreived, but most of all it has been my confident, my personal psychologist, my proesac, my life saver, my stories, my dreams, my hopes, my disappointments, my love, my passion, my floatation device, my adventure, my prospect, my to do, my to don't, mine to have, mine to give up occassionally to others, mine to gain a better understanding of myself and others, mine to test, mine to excel, mine to challenge, mine to fail, mine to succeed, mine to share something bigger than myself with friends and mine to connect with the out-of-doors and nature and more than anything it has been an imaging platform that I have taken advantage of in every conceivable way, in order to show to you and for myself to review the wonderful activity that is kayaking. So really, it is not "just" a bow, it is life.


Tony said...

Sounds something like marriage vows and in a way it is, isn't it?

Tony :-)

Dean said...

I feel much the same about my kayak, although I have not put the km's on it that you, Tony, and others have. I guess I have a lot of things to look forward to in the coming years during my kayak life...

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yup to both of you. I know the feeling.......


Michael said...

Great photo, great post, Stan! Keep the bow out front, keep on paddlin'!

Cowboygrrl said...

Recently discovered your blog, and I really LOVE it. You often put into words many thoughts/feeling I have. I've just started my kayaking blog, and yours is an inspiration. Thank you.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Sounds like good advise Hope to have many more paddles.

Hey Cowboygrrl,
Thanks for the kind comments. Welcome to the blogaspehere of kayaking. Well it is kind-of more than that for me, but most welcome. I checked your blog and you are quick out of the gate. Nice pics. Looking forward to more from the west coast. Will be nice seeing sunshine pictures. :-( lol
Good Luck, safe paddling. Nice profile shot. :)


ARK said...

Espectacular imagen!!!!!
Espero algún día poder navegar esas aguas.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I think you would enjoy these waters immensely Ark.