Current Time On The Rock

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The Weather Outside Is Frightful"

Not really as bad as it might look and just as refreshing as paddling in a light rain in the summer.
I have to say that I always paddle with a deck bag. This one is from Northwater in BC Canada and they make tough kayaking gear,sometimes "frilly" like the paddle pants, but most times very funtional. This sleek, peaked bag has my flares, waterproof light, spare mitts in small plastic bag for when I get out, rope, and some snacks. All is accessible via a horizontal zipper which I check upon every outing for proper function. In the winter if you happen to get out of your boat in the dunk, the essentials are a small zip away, no fumbling, mumbling or grumbling (you get the umbles when 'the hypo' sets in) just easy access at you mitt or glove tips. At least this works for me. One thing you may want to take care of is having the pump exposed in really freezing cold climes. It may seize and/or break(the skinny handle). It may be wise to store it below deck capitalizing on the enclosed sealed cockpit. This day was not cold enough to present such a problem.


John said...

""frilly" like the paddle pants" -- thank you, great description. I see Silbs sportin' the "frillies" now--inspite of the fact that someone had them at a recent instructors' update he attended and ended up cutting them off during the "class". I love it!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Long as as their pulled up I guess, ya don't want to be caught with your 'paddle pants' down. lol