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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"It's All In The View"

One of my favorite paddles last year was a trip I took MAy long weeekend to The Dungeon campground in Bonavista Newfoundland. The wind was howling when I arrived that evening and set up my tent on the edge of a cliff in the park. I had read about the Dungeon Sea Cave and how long ago it was covered and caved in over time, when that actually happened I am not sure but it left an indelible mark on the beauty of the cave.

You can paddle in and of course out of the cave as I did. The wind was so strong through the openings it blew me against the inner shore and out.

The upper image is looking down on the sea cave from a viewing platform in the park.

The bottom image is a view from my kayak seat exiting the sea cave via the left portal as viewed from the top image. What a beautiful and mystical kind of paddle that morning. I wonder if the roof was on the cave when John Cabot paid his visit to the area in his ship the MAtthew in 1497. If he knew of the cave he would have had to find it by row boat because it is a very shallow draft.

This is my first post of the year and I think it only fitting to look on the new year with the same anticipation of excitement in new adventures as John Cabot surely had in making his discoveries in his many trips across oceans, bays and likely coves of foreign lands. Though I may not paddle foreign lands I certainly hope to paddle new waters, bays, coves and the like. Maybe even some lake trips this year. One can dream of plying new waters and feeling the freshness of their spray as we are whisped along by tides and winds of distant origin.

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