Current Time On The Rock

Friday, December 11, 2009

There are those days where the sun just doesn't seem to want to shine, literally and figuratively. On those days perhaps it is best just to step back and find your own sunshine. Maybe it's in people, maybe it's in more inanimate things like photos. Photos can almost always guaranteed, take you back or rejuvenate a long lost scent, or simply get those forgotten sounds of summer reverberating once again in your head. This past summer was excellent in St. John's as far as good weather for paddling went. One of the best paddles of the summer was trip done with Alison, Tony and Peter. We paddled leisurely around Woody Island and others, stopping to eat, sun bathe, swim in water holes filled with fresh river water, watch moose, caribou and jelly fish as we just floated on by like Huck Finn floating down the Mississippi on a sweet, hot summers day kind a thing with a straw in our mouths and not a worry or care in the world. Those are the days to be lost in paddling and those are the days to reflect on again and again when you haul out that photo or bring it back up on your screen. This is one of those pictures.


Silbs said...

Amen, brother. (Nice pic up top.)

Tony said...

You hit the nail right on the head Stan. I am so feeling the same thing. Not so much the cold but the wind combined with the cold is a deadly combination on the water this time of year. Time to haul out the shots from this summer and think about what we have to look forward to next summer. But we'll still get paddles in this winter.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Right on guys, ya know what I'm talkin' bout!