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Friday, October 02, 2009

"That Time Again!!"

It is soon that time again when paddles get way layed because of weather and time constraints. I've been preoccupied lately and the shorter days of daylight make it hard to get on the water after work. This is when you count on your kayaking pictures files from all the great paddles you had in previous months and try to make posts of pictures you haven't posted yet. I'm sure I may have posted this one but it reminds me of the calm of the mroning Tony and I had on a trip this summer right before we crossed Fortune Bay. Seemed like yesterday really. Winds are high tomorrow but hoping to put in somewhere. Just have the need to get on the water and it is clawing at my will to make a concerted effort to get out there ...somewhere....

I got a new camera...definitely not for kayaking but a sweet distraction. Silbs I heeded some of your advice and went with the Nikon D700 totally not disappointed but finding I may have to work the hand muscles to hold the darn thing for any length of time. Hopefully the quality of some of the pictures on the blog will improve a bit more. I plan to actually start another blog that will cater to just my other Somtimes only pictures work for what I want to say. I guess I really have to figure that out.
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Tony said...

Ya Stan, the thought of season change sometimes gives me a melancholy feeling. But, every season has its charms. We did some paddling last winter and I expect we'll get a few paddles in this coming winter. I see a day on the water in lightly falling big snowflakes. If life hands you lemons - make lemonade!

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I like lemonade Tony but then again, I like lemons too! ;-o


Silbs said...

Sweet. I look forward to your future pics. Just the feel of a different camera can stimulate new ideas and perspectives.