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Monday, October 05, 2009

"Maple Leaf"

In the fall it is amazing the diversity of color that exists in nature and no where can it be more pronounced and rich than in the leaves of maples in autumn. They are not as characteristic in their thriving state but certainly take on a whole new persona in their lifeless and decaying form and there-in lies the beauty and the spectacle as romanticized and recognized as the one on our flag. It is hard not to feel the symbolism and association of the maple leaf to Canadian culture and mind set as the Bald Eagle may be to American parlance the Maple Leaf is to our identity. We don't have a national bird per see as other countries do, but each province or territory has their provincial or territorial bird. The provincial bird of Nova Scotia is the Osprey and of Newfoundland since 1991 is the Puffin but neither really defines their respective province as the Maple Leaf defines us all as a country. Cheers to the Maple! A new camera shot.
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