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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Kinda Funny Really..."

How i felt taking this shot. I almost or perhaps even did feel sorry for the rose almost embarrassed for it. We are so use to viewing their beauty when they are in full bloom and that is when of course they get their praise for their richness in color and their devine fragrance while on the perked and prickly stem and if you pass near one you are driven by some internal inertia to stop and steal a sniff, hence perhaps ,"stop and smell the roses" for it is hard not to be captivated by the beauty or the scent. When however their fate is decided for them based on seasonal responses to cues,such as cold weather a comin', they begin to loose their splendor. Like a movie star caught candid without their makeup, because they really would like to be seen all gussied a rose I suppose. So when you see either in their less than regal state you feel something, bad, embarrassed, sorry or whatever it is, the moment can sometimes be caught.......and so it was!

During a walk in Bowren Park of St. John's Newfoundland last Saturday.
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