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Sunday, September 06, 2009

"Under The Tresle"


This was only Carla's second time in a kayak and both were in a double and she did just excellent paddling on our weekend trip. I think a double may be in our future. It was great fun sharing the kayaking experience together and something we had, surprisingly enough, never done before. It takes patience....I have to work on that, coordination....she has to work on that and cooperation .....we both did that well. I admired her resilience when we were heading back in fairly strong head winds in what felt to me like a wide tub after paddling my Nordkapp. The Current Designs Crosswind is a nice boat but I would much prefer the Seaward fiberglass Passats, as these are delight doubles to paddle. Carla kept banging her thumb knuckle on the edge. Now I know this is partially due to paddling stance that she may not possess yet but the boat is wide and you have to either hold your arms up in a high paddling position or widen your grip or most likely both. I widened my grip. Still fun though.
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