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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When there are a group of 41 paddlers on the water at one time there is bound to be a jam at an area of interest.....just like the real world.
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gnarlydog said...

41 kayaks in one spot? and you say that's Newfoundland? does that mean that there are more kayaks than cars?
Jokes aside, that's great to hear that you have such an active paddling community in such a demanding environment.
However how do you (or anybody) manage such large number on the water.
As you said: jam at an area of interest.
Landing on small beaches?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey Gnarlydog. Good questions. On this particular club paddle there are designated leaders and sweeps. The majority of paddlers have had at least level one Paddle Canada training and this club sanctioned paddle is always a level one conditions paddle and there are many more experienced paddlers with various degrees of certification. What tends to happen is that various groups will form and brake and mix on the water as paddlers begin to mingle and the more certified and experienced know the lesser experienced before hand so there are always excellent ratios of experienced to non-experienced.Everyone watches out for everyone. This paddle is our club's year end and is done in an area sheltered for the most part under pretty benign conditions.


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

The beaches in this area are not plentiful so a designated landing site is agreed upon beforehand and communicated to all or at least amongst the leaders and sweeps and on water communication makes all aware because landing spots change depending on group dynamics ie people getting tired, hungry, needing pee breaks, weather changes etc. With this many paddlers sites are choosen to accomodate all but as you can see we certainly filled the beach we stopped at. These paddles are short. 3-4 hours maybe if that!