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Sunday, September 06, 2009

"Friday Night At Our House"


Home was a four season tent but we felt like we were in paradise and really, ain't that all that matters? We bought a blow up mattress before we left the city. It plugs into the lighter and blows up in less than 2 mins, now that was the Cat's Meow. Actually that was the name of her sleeping bag I bought her to entice her to come. What a comfy sleep we had on what turned out to be a SINGLE mattress. Ya just can't have it all eh? heh heh! This was Friday night and we were relaxing after setting up camp in near dark cause we were sight- seeing(mostly looking for a spot to camp) and just finished eating stuffed salmon and a greek pasta salad. Hmmmmhmmmm
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Tony said...

Stan, looks like you packed for a major expedition, man, you had some gear set up there. Fantastic to do something like this with Carla. And, good on her for giving this a try.

Looking for a camp site and setting up in near dark must be a feature of your camp trips!

Tony :-)