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Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Stone's Cove"

It is amazing to paddle into a place that was once inhabited years ago and now sits idle and empty save for the history and the souls of those buried there. It is like riding into a ghost town on your horse in an old western. Everything is gone and a kind of 'melencholy sits on brood' feeling prevails, you might say.
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Anonymous said...

Would you send me this picture of stone's cove and any others you may have. My father and siblings were born here and lost their parents within 3 months of each other and all children were orphaned at a very young age. I have yet to visit this place and my father has only been back once since his parents died in Nov. 1955 (Willoughby Riggs lost at sea on the Mabel Dorothy) and (Theresa Riggs died of cancer Jan 1956) Either way I would love this picture if you would. I just came back today to Nova Scotia from a 10 day visit in Newfoundland visiting my aunts and uncles and everyone had a picture in their homes of Stone's Cove as it was. If you would please email me at Thank you, kind regards and happy paddling.
Susannah Bond