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Monday, July 27, 2009

"Harbour Mille"


We came to harbour Mille on Friday evening hoping to put in and cross over Fortune Bay but the winds were high and the waters quite rough for an evening paddle. We decided to hunker down and ask if there was a possible place to pitch a tent. Wade came to the rescue first, when I was taking a picture of the local church. He suggested that his friend had a place out back where we could probably hunker down. We checked it out but as we were leaving his drive way a lady stopped us and suggested we could use her tent already pitched in her back yard so off we went to check that out. Looked very comfortable to me so we were off to take pictures and climb steep hills. We then found a spot on our drive that would provide us with a bit of seclusion to make our own noise and leave early in the morning disturbing no one. But the hospiatlity of people like Wade, Geraldine and Todd were amazing.

At our put in the following morning, Russ the local Coast Gaurd Auxillary, introduced himself to us and gave us some insight to the waters and where we were going. We left with him a mini float plan. He gave us his cell number, and VHF channel for contact. He said he would come and get us where ever we were if ever we needed him. He did check on us the Sunday morning when we were packing in the fog. He said he would rather hear from us than read about us. The generosity and caring of these people was just amazing. We were to get invites all along the way to our destination for dinners or drink. Wow! Wow! Wow! What a beautiful trip this was and what beautiful people live on the shores and in the hidden coves of Newfoundland.

This picture tells part of that story. Loaded and ready for adventure with my Pal Tony. LIke we always say, "we got da best lookin' boats in Newfoundland".
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