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Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Mommas and The Pappas"

WHile Tony was focusing on the graveyards and the history of the resettled communities we visited on our paddle to Stone's Cove and Crant's Cove, I took the opportunity to focus on the living. The living beneath the waters and the life that continually thrives long after those who have perished. This appears to me to be a "daddy" jelly sporting around with his little one, perhaps on a leisurely Saturday swim. Learning the ropes of jellies.

I believe I was witness to the birth of jellies as you can see "hangers on" on the bottom of this beautiful jelly in Stone's Cove. The Cove is totally protected from the confused waters that exist at the mouth into Fortune Bay. The calm, cold and clear waters of the sheltered cove provide the perfect breeding ground rich in nutrients and underwater sea organisms essential for a thriving ecosystem and untouched from the spoils of human least for now...again.

This jelly seems to be ready to unload it's cavity full of new young to enter a world snug in the safety of isolated and deserted Stone Cove Newfoundland.

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Anonymous said...

i spent hours with the jelly fish in the beautful water of stones cove(it was along time ago)happy you had this experince.abandoned but so alive love to have the the jelly fish picture pictures like this home alive for those that cant get home thankyou