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Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Wow, Flatrock to Pouch Cove"


Wow is just one of those words that can slip very easily and subconsciously out of your mouth even before your brain has had time to process all that has made it tell the mouth wow in the first place. Today was a "wow" day. Because I took the day of work to paddle with a group of great people in Tony, Neil, and Isabelle we shared an adventure that one who kayaks can only probably dream of. I do. To have so much to see and do in 13 km of paddling a coastline is to me amazing. The weather in this area though must be just right to enjoy it all and today we were bang on! Little wind, occasional gusts, sunshine, 9 degrees Celsius and enough scenery and paddling adventure to keep us totally engaged for the whole trip. One of those trips that when you are never really feel like you are.

At every turn and every so many strokes you just kept saying "wow" inside your paddling mind. Good enough for me on a Friday.
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Tony said...

Checking out your pictures this morning Stan and still feeling the afterglow of yesterday's paddle. What a great day it was.

Tony :-)