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Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Valley Nordkapp"

Trying her out on Long Pond on Saturday. The winds had to be gusting to 60-70km. But any day is a good day kayaking. Thanks for taking the shots Tony. I know it was hard with the wind. It sure was for me.


Tony said...

Awesome looking boat Stan. Long Pond on Saturday was like paddling in a wind tunnel but getting the boats wet couldn't wait.

The pictures turned out alright. I was afraid the wind had blown you too close a couple of times

Tony :-)

Anonymous said...

A black boat looks so cool, but I guess not the safest colour in the world if you ever want to be spotted by a chopper for example! Was there any reason you chose it other than its sheer, slightly eery beauty?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I chose black because of it's appearance as you describe but also because some of the research I did on it's ancestors from Greenland appeared black in some older photos. I thought that it imparted some of the old heritage and mystique that surrounds the origin of the kayak. Now having a black drysuit and pfd doesn't help for visibility either......but my whistle is orange!