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Saturday, May 02, 2009

"So Proud"

My son Graduated Thursday from Military College, 2nd Lieutenant in the Canadian Army. I am so proud of him of course I have always been. His partner Charlene was fortunate enough to be there to send pictures. Miss and love you son. See ya soon.....Sir!


Tony said...

Congrats Matt and you too Stan. He's a product of the love, nurture and guidance you've given him. A proud moment to see our children set out on their own life journey.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Tony. Matt gets all the credit. He is an amazing man.


Michael said...

Let me add my congrats to Tony's, Stan! Having our children complete their studies and walk out into the world is a proud moment for everyone. Best wishes to all!

BTW, I just finished going through your Flatrock to Pouch Cove series. Awesome pictures of what must have been a wonderful day on the water!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Michael. Matt would be most grateful I am sure.

It was a beautiful trip to Pouch Cove. When you come this summer it would be well worth an attempt to squeeze this paddle in if the weather is conducive. Thanks again. Looking forward to perhaps meeting you when you get here.