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Friday, May 01, 2009

"Pouch Cove Iceberg, Newfoundland"

Being around Icebergs is just simply magical. Risk is inherent, but so is driving a vehicle with 60 liters of a highly combustible fuel at 100km /hr. Tell me where you'd rather be?


Cate and David said...

Great photos!!
Your view from a sea kayak and subsequent photos are magnificent.
Makes me envious....but not living on the coast, east, west or otherwise doesn't enable a kayak. My canoe will have to do.

Thanks for your perspective

Karen said...


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thank you very much. Kind words. But if you were there it would be hard not to take a good shot.


Silbs said...

Marvelous images. Unbelievable light.

Canadian Tourism said...

Wow great shots. You should check out this video we shot with Stan Cook in your area.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thank you very myuch everyone. It is another great year for icebergs. I wish I were where they seem to be collossal, like Twillingate or Bonavista areas. Still nice to get out by any though! I do find them fascinating.