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Monday, May 18, 2009

"Exit The Dungeon"


Exiting The Dungeon Sea Cave was as intriguing as entering. It certainly was not difficult getting in and out of "The Dungeon" save for the winds blowing through which were still brisk outside from yesterday and funnelling through. The fact that they were SW was of benefit. If they had of been NE or easterly that spot may be tricky to get in and out of with any kind of outside sea. Not so much the cave entrances themselves but the wind that gets channeled inside, coupled with water gushing in and out might be interesting! The shoreline and ocean topography is very shallow to paddle in. Northerlies or Easterlies or a combination of both of any strength, could be treacherous paddling in the rocky outcroppings, shoals, reefs and sea stacks. Beautiful during the conditions that I had and captivating as the sun rose on the distant horizon.
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Michael said...

Great series on the Dungeon cave, Stan! It was totally impossible to paddle when I was there a couple years ago due to the high winds and rain, so it's fun to see what it's really like to paddle it! Good for you for getting out and doing it!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Michael. Timing is everything when you want to paddle a specific place in NFLD, probably anywhere, but our weather is well,