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Monday, May 25, 2009

"The Dungeon"


It is what it is. An open sea cave in Bonnavista NL. Accessible and kind a neat to go through.
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Silbs said...

That's an intriguing image, Stan.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I thought so to when I saw a write up on the Dungeon on the web. Figured I had to check it out for myself. I got a medevil feeling about it when I first saw it but realized I was probably swayed by the name. This image I took was processed with HDR.


A.N. said...


You have captured some beautiful images on your excursions.

Maybe I can select a couple from the many you have archived on this site, so you can craft a couple of pictures for our family room.

By the way we are enthralled with the Quidi Vidi picture you left on our computer. I cannot believe such a site exists just 10 minutes from our home. Thanks!