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Monday, May 18, 2009

"Cape Bona Coastline"


Some of the coastline of Cape Bonavista and the interesting rock formations found in Dungeon Park. Cape Bonavista light is in the very distant headland of this image. It is very shallow all along this coastline and as a matter of fact you can see bottom and I am sure almost stand up in most spots even a ways from shore. This can present problems in windy conditions especially since the coast is rugged, ragged and jagged with shoals, reefs, sea stacks and rock outcroppings. Nice for rock hopping and meandering about. Oh yeah, for taking pictures too.
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Tony said...

Just back from the retreat Stan and glad to see you had an excellent adventure at Bonavista. There's no shortage of paddle destinations in Nfld.

Tony :-)

gnarlydog said...

Stan, I love this image.
Such soft light.
I just can't photograph scenes like this in Queensland: light is too harsh.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Gnarlydog,

No such thing as harsh light here I don't think. Most days we'd take any kind of light to have a change from the rain, drizzle or
Lately though for sunshine we've been blessed. Thanks for the comment.