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Sunday, May 10, 2009


  months you on

Tony you might want to do an ad for these guys. That is the company Steve says is selling the time-shares for $120,000.00 cdn for 1 month. Now if you buy all twelve months you only have to pay $1,440,000.00 for one house. Best wishes to those who buy Jan.-April. Nice boat by the way.
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Tony said...

Stan, this picture and your comments bring to mind the expression "a fool and his money are soon parted". I could do a lot better with that kind of money than time share in this location. Better view from our vantage point today and at the price of only 1 day!

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Too funny!!

Alison Dyer said...

hear yea, hear yea tony. and they also get great view of the new sewage plant.
then again, maybe then can all crowd in there & leave view of st.john's hbr alone :)