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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Wrong Side"


Sure is! Thought I'd chuck this in my blog as an afterthought from finishing my Small Craft Operator's Course this evening. As of September 15th, 2009, All operators of any powered craft must carry proof of competency at all times. This also applies to non-residents operating their craft in Canadian waters after 45 consecutive days.

We learned a bit about buoys so I got to re-enforce some current knowledge and compare safety and requirements in power boats with that of kayaking. Somehow I still feel safer in my kayak. At least I am already dressed for immersion.

We also got to see a video presentation on the 1-10-1 rule from the famous Professor Popsicle, Dr. Gordon Geisbrecht of Manitoba. He was taking nine emergency response people...cops, firemen, etc. to his Cold Water Boot Camp and subjecting them to the perils of cold water and documenting the responses from all nine. It was very interesting to see how they all reacted in 5-6 degree Celsius water. The effects of immersion without dry suits was evaluated as they were given various tasks to perform. For instance when asked to jmp in the water and swm to shore which was only meters away, some swam in the opposite direction, still disoriented from inital immersion. It was also amazing to see how unsuccessful most were at trying to put on a PFD in the water at that temperature. Most failed. Actually putting a PFD on in the water is difficult at any water temperature. Try it. There is however a technique. Turn the PFD inside facing out in front of you, rotate the PFD or Life vest so that the neck portion is facing you, then insert your hands through the arm holes and then pull the PFD/Life vest over your head and fasten in 5 degree celsius water one person got it over his head and he was the guy who either new already this technique or learned it quite luckily. 40% of all drownings in Canada happened within 2 meters of shore. Two Meters!!!

Also learned some interesting stuff on flares and signalling.

In the course manual they even mentioned kayakers and paddlers in general, but there is a picture of a kayaker,lol, and regulations state that motorized craft are to give us a wide berth and they are to slow right down, 8-10 Km/h. And leave no wake (I actually like wake). Good luck with that one but it was good to see that they thought of us.

Anyways.....I am taking the spar buoy on the wrong side in this picture...or about to. Red right return....not overly important at this point but it is important when you want to know the directions that boats have to take in navigable waters, so we can avoid them, even if they may not seem totally relevant to us at most times.
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