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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"The Whole Picture"

The part of the story behind these images besides the beauty of the day and the sea state, is the person and the talent. Brian is without a doubt one of our most excellent paddlers in Newfoundland and besides having a level 4 PAddle Canada certification, that I know of, he is also very talented at kayak construction. I wonder what you think the boat in these pictures is made of? Brian has made a Greenland style kayak out of ballistic nylon, which I have pictured in a previous post, he has made a beautiful wooden strip, a surf kayak out of wood and this boat pictured. He may have more but this is what I know. This boat is made of wood as well and painted white with a marine type paint I think, he told me once what kind but having a mind like a sieve, I prefer to think of it as baline just to maintain the nautical connection lol, but I am drifting from my point. Which is that we have very talented paddlers in the province as most places around the world do. Those paddlers that stand out for more reasons than is ever in some cases known. Most seem to like it that way and exhibit their skills through their accomplishments on the water and off. Our club is fortunate to have such people and even though they do not seek the limelight, they do radiate the essence and infrastructure of kayaking and when you are witness to just know something good is happening around you.

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Tony said...

Quiet, unassuming ... just lets his skill do the talking.

Tony :-)