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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Steady As She Goes"


One of the first Icebergs to glide by Cape Spear I got a snap of. It was quite small by Iceberg standards I guess and appeared to be trapped in pack ice floating just offshore. The sun was quite bright and although there was little berg drama it is the beginning of the transit of Icebergs down what is known as Iceberg Alley here in Newfoundland. The yearly migration of Bergs shed from the mother of all loads, Glaciers, in Greenland, make their pilgrimage of sorts to their death in the warmer waters of Newfoundland where the Labrador Current and Gulf Stream Current flowing over Canada's Grand Banks meet. The warm Gulf Stream which originates in the Gulf of Mexico seems to be the silent killer of 10,000 year old chunks of ice leaking pent up ancient climate traces as they slither by seemingly unwary of their coming demise but not going totally unnoticed as the larger monstrosities scrape the underwater seascape and leave their own indelible marks in parting. Many are secured longevity in the hoards of cameras that captures their arrivals and departures under all marine conditions and if you think you've seen all the wonders you must truly add these to your list.
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