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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Blackhead Cove, Newfoundland: 2007"

Remembering this day runs like cool spring water through my mind. As I was gearing up to make my first attempt to paddle near my first Iceberg since moving to Newfoundland in 2005 my heart began to race with anticipation. I longed for many years after many googles of icebergs to paddle near one some day. I am not going to get into the risk assessment and risk management thing here, suffice it to say I was going. I just had to paddle out there to greet it.

As I neared the monstrosity I thought I could smell it, wasn't sure if it was the Iceberg or fear. Didn't want the thing falling on me afterall. I could also hear it's presence which was becoming more evident with every stroke. The wind was picking up so slop was forming along with some white caps. I had to hurry to get shots. As I got near I could hear not only the ocean waves pounding against her but the sounds of the surf that was building and crashing between the two sections. These two sections were attached under water. The ocean water was dark blue that day but the water between the two pillars was a turquoise shade and beautiful to gaze upon. As we near that Iceberg season again in Newfoundland I can only hope that we are treated to a few coming down the alley. About 500 and some last year. Three or four would suit me fine as long as I could try and smell them again, they are truely the nectar of the ocean and when you hear the 10,000 year old air being released as large pops and cracks, you can't help but think about how clean the air must have been back then and when you realize that you are only seeing one tenth of the Berg you are instantly humbled by nature and thank all the nature gods that you were able to share that day with the elements


Tony said...

That's on my to-do list for this year too Stan - icebergs that is. Chances are good wouldn't you say! Nice shots and I like the picture on your blog title page.

Tony :-)

Rebecca said...

I love your thought about breathing 10 thousand year old air Its probably a nearly religious experience.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Icebergs are so intriging to me. I am very aware of their dangers but when you see them it is like you can't believe they are there. lol