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Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Near Distant St. John's"


Tony and I decided to have a paddle from Quidi Vidi to St. John's Harbour. ABout a twenty minute jaunt under good conditions each way. We had gusting winds but clear blue sky and had a great day on the water. It turned out to be some what of a boating exploration for me as I meandered aroud the boats docked in the harbour. Tony of course had his own perspective. Oh the joys of seeing things through different eyes.
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Tony said...

Ya Stan, its interesting how we both took a different perspective from the same paddle. Good too because I never considered your angle so I get to enjoy that. You got some great colourful shots of the boats you captured. I really like the one of the Battery on the title page.

Tony :-)

Karen said...

What a beautiful series of photos of your paddle in the harbour. You had a gorgeous day for it.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Tony and KAren. The day sure was beaut. A good day to be alive for sure and certainly a good day for paddling.