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Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Different Drysuits" SAR

 Search and Rescue dry suits are also about a thousand bucks a pop. They are not made of Gore-Tex but some coated nylon material with their own inside liner for warmth. Still must wear thermal underwear or similar underneath for added protection from elements. We were bobbing today during our training ice rescue sessions for about 2-3 hrs, with wind, snow, cold water and ice a plenty and a knowledgeable instructor who himself was once trapped under ice during a teaching session and who can well attest to the fact that if it should happen you try to swim for the dark hole when under ice not the bright one. We luckily didn't test that out today but we could see how easily it could happen in current and strong wind. Though we are not tethered here in a live situation you most certainly would be with an on shore or on ice partner controlling your safety line.
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