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Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Colliers', Newfoundland: Reflections"


We are being blasted with a reminder of winter as I type, mercilessly shattering the quiet of a spring night, are the snow squalls and rain components of something more unseasonal than hail pellets on a warm August day. But we get those too. In this photo such are reflections of paddles in winter under quite gentle conditions if you will. The kind of conditions for taking pictures as you glide through the virgin waters of a crisp winter morning. Taking in reflections of the coming paddling season and reflections of light off objects such as ourselves and hills that slope endlessly to the sea entrance and to submersible points beyond. When spring comes to us again next week the excitement for the coming paddling year will no doubt build again. Highs and lows, like ebbs and flows, we ride knowing one is not right without the other.Tony on one gorgeous winter day.
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