Current Time On The Rock

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"From St. John's Bay"

As you approach downtown St. John's Newfoundland from The Bay you will be guided in through the channel by The Lighthouse at Fort Amherst on the south shore. Standing resolutely assisting the wayward boater. A beautiful beacon of security in a bay of turbulence.

Entering through the Narrows past Fort Amherst Light you will pass boats at more on the south side and houses , old salt boxes hugging Signal Hill at it's base on the North Shore. Their colors are bright and striking at first but soon lend a bit of warmth to what can most times be a foggy ,cool and dreary coast.There will be channel markers and lights to guide you through.

Once through The Narrows, and it is Narrow, however the biggest cruise liners in the world can take anchor in St. John's Harbour. Once you enter the harbour you are treated to the downtown core and the city opens up before your eyes and it is hard to believe on first approach that there is even a city tucked inside St. John's Bay past The Narrows that protects it's inner harbour.

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