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Saturday, February 21, 2009

" The Baffin Bay Nudge"

 It looks like the bow of my kayak is giving the The Baffin Bay a bit of a nudge. The nice thing about taking pictures with a waterproof camera is that you can get some different perspectives at water level without fear of wrecking your camera. The trade-off of course is that a lot of times you are limited to automatic point and shoots, no manual settings per se, and an inability to apply different lenses to gain of course various depths of field, mags, etc. You can of course by an expensive camera and then spend the same price on water tight case which will probably fog up when you want to take the most coveted shot of your trip. So it appears most quests are a compromise and obtaining the most desired image no different.
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Tony said...

Nice composition Stan. If you had "professional" camera gear you could also spend most of your paddle time fiddling with exposure, lenses etc. I think the camera we use is a good trade off - decent pictures where paddling is still the main event.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I agree Tony, sometimes I'm just at a loss for Blog material. lol Wait until the IceBergs start rolling down the alley and the whales come a feed'in we should be od'en on topics and pics.