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Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Returning To Branch , Newfoundland: Part Two"

 As I finished my walk down the cove and scanned the flotsam for booty, all I could salvage was this old plastic Black Duck, a very quiet paddling companion. Since I planned to do all the talking I figured it may well work

As I prepared to leave Gull Cove I quickly reflected on my thrill of having come to this area to paddle on the weekend of Sept. 27th and 28th. I was fortunate to have had good weather, which I had previously researched, and at this point looking forward to the leisurely paddle back to Branch and hoping for adventures along the way as I always do when I paddle. I was not to be disappointed. Please read on and enjoy the last segment of my paddle which really got it's beginning in St. Bride's one day ago. The images of this journey follow.
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