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Monday, September 29, 2008

"Island Head"

I put in at St. Bride's on a sunny morning of Sept. 27th, 2008 for a paddle I hoped would take me to Cape St. Mary's and bird sanctuary. Plans sometimes change quickly on the water. I putin at Distress Cove and was paddling pretty much south to Island Head when I saw the fog roll down from the head land. I knew that southerly winds down here bring fog so I knew there was much more to follow. Winds WSW with lots of "lop" had me turn back for Distress Cove because I figured not much to see paddling in tricky conditions in Placentia Bay and wide open ocean. Within five minutes of turning around I was completely engulfed in fog with visibility down front of my kayak. It was paddling on a compass heading back to my put-in.

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