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Monday, June 30, 2008

"The Boiler-Maker"

Just a huge crashing, exploding and confused blast of energy and excitement as these waves fight to grip the shore.These waves are definitely no where near Californian or Hawaiian waves but their force is still pretty furocious when ya hit the right, maybe wrong , way.

"The Stringer"

 This wave looked stringy to me but kind of a fluffy dump when it completed it's cycle. These beach waves for the most part can be kind of intimidating and a bit of a nuisance during a put-in or take-out. Hopefully all gear is secured less what is on deck goes out on the exit surge as they dump all around you. Timing is everything but even the best laid plans or least little hold up makes you vulnerable as floatsam and high braces become your weapon in the face of the onslaught and the inevitable succession. Wave four in the series.
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

"The Plough"

 Pushing forward with it's mighty strength this wave was not only going to plough into you but also dump all the hell over you! Wave three of my series.
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"The Fizz-ler"

 Kind of dissipating this one and looked like it was exploding as it came ashore in Trepassey NL. Wave two of my series.
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"The Wall"

 Seeing how I am not paddling just now I thought I'd do a series of posts showing some waves I've met over the times. This one well, felt just like that, a wall on the face. Wave one of my series.
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Well I haven't been paddling lately as I've been getting physio on my left shoulder and preparing to go home to Nova Scotia, where regardless of shoulder I will be paddling. Feeling much better than it did a week ago though. I took the girls for a short walk tonight and enjoyed watching them frolic in the grass and dandelion spores. Little do they know but soon they will be at Nanny and Papa's cursing us for leaving.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


 I like arriving at paddle spots early just to see what pics may be lurking for the camera. Today was The Kayaking Club of Newfoundland's Safety Day and the beauty of this spot in the center of St.John's cannot be over estimated. This is a a lake in a small park called Pippy Park where fun was to be shared amongst paddlers today but for now the calmness of waters and the ripples from passing ducks.
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"Early Beginnings"

 And in the beginning there was kayaking, what more be said "earlyyy in the mornin'"
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"Ty and Gang"

 Ty gave up his paddling day to prepare food and drink for us and I am sitting here typing this feeling guilty because I didn't ask to relieve him so Ty I owe you one big guy.
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"Collison Course?"

 Well if you are going to connect head on probably good to do it on Safety Day. Actually this was not the case, these guys were just playing in the reeds.
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 Herb found out that when doing a T rescue it is much harder with a hatch full of water. Thanks for sharing
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"Kayak Busker"

 Yup, we have them in NFLD......kayak buskers!
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"Rescues Abound"

 A successful Safety Day to me is gauged by the numbers of people actually in the water. Dave Carroll imparting knowledge.
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"One With Water"

 Dan Miller demonstrating a paddlefloat rescue on Long Pond on the first day of summer in Newfoundland.
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"Andrew's Arse"

 Andrew da man, always fun watching Andrew in any water. Sorry ya didn't win the Frisbee buddy!
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"Setting Up"

 Setting up for a rescue.
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"Canoe Rescues"

 Tumblehome Canoe club partnered with our Kayak Club today to promote paddling safety. It was a huge success and attended by about 65 people. Great skills demonstrations by everyone and lots of participation and prizes.
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"Burrito Wrap Demonstartion"

 The Burrito Wrap demonstration was being hosted by Peter Armitage with assistant Pete Noel. Everyone was anticipating the demo. It was huge success and a nice part of our Kayak Newfoundland Club Safety Day at Long Pond in St. John's.
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"The Burrito Man"

 Pete you put a wrap to the day for Thanks for volunteering to be our victim for the burrito wrap demonstration simulating a hypothermia paddler. It was very informative, enlightening, humorous and most of all useful for all paddlers in attendance.
Our Burrito Wrap consisted of a bottom tarp being placed under the patient,(of course dry cloths would be put on the victim), a Mylar wrap is then placed around the victim still lying on the tarp, a large garbage bag is pulled on to the victim from the feet up, ( to catch any body fluids), a sleeping bag is then wrapped around the victim further sealing in any heat. It was determined that it is best to organise the cinching rope under the trap before the victim is placed on it to minimize moving the victim around (hypothermia people are fragile),the tarp is then wrapped around the victim and cinched with the ropes and victim prepared for transport. It was also determined that a pillow of sorts, jacket, sweater, etc would be good for the head. We also put a balaclava on the head of our victim to minimise heat lost from that area. Even though we had fun with this procedure we are well aware of the gravity of such a situation and were made to realize that this can only be carried out if one takes the ingredients for such a scenario on each and every outing that you may be in. A remark was made about a comment made by Derek Hutchinson who once stated that North Americans do not take gear "generally" in their hatches on such outings. That is why they are there. Use them!
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 Long Pond was busy today with kayak instruction early in the morning at one end and our safety day at the other end. Kayaks galore!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Bay Fog"

 Fog in St.John's Bay Wednesday June 18th, 2008 on one of the first sunny days we've had in a while. It was very mystical watching this move about the land and the sea.
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"Roll'in Fog"

 It was a beautiful day in St. John's today. I was showing a visiting Nuclear Medicine Instructor around the city and on our visit to Signal Hill this most amazing fog transformation was taking place. Ya just never know in St.John's what element mother nature has in store to put on display for you. The tourist were very nicely treated to an ever changing phenomena.
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Monday, June 16, 2008


 Kam Pleuston a kayak instructor/guide from Yonkers New York State was a guest on our Father's Day paddle yesterday. Kam is here on a Limnology conference. We always welcome paddlers from out of province to enjoy paddles with fellow Newfoundland kayak club members.
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 Walter a new club member engaged in conversation with Eugene on this picturesque journey we were soon to have in Cape Broyle.
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"We're Off"

 Ready and rearing the club members launched and paddled off to Lance Cove for our Father's Day paddle in Cape Broyle.
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 Club members Clyde and Malcolm as they passed docked fishing boats in Cape Broyle at the beggining of our Father's Day paddle on June 15th, 2008.
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