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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"In The Dunk"

Well there was lots of rolling at the pool last evening as I tried again to perfect my back deck roll...lets just say....I need work. The shoulder is still a bit sore so I wasn't too aggressive. Thank god the other rolls are fine. After a few attempts at the BDR I decided to try learning to squirt well the only thing squirt'in was the water from my failed attempts and frantic paddle strokes. I was a good laugh for awhile. But i am determined and will hopefully by May have mastered one or the other or maybe even both. I have to set a goal.

These pictures were taken in BC on the lazy part of the Beatton River. I was learning to wave surf not always succesful as the picture of me holding on my boat and taking a picture would indicate. Always got to get the shot too. But I did persevere and eventually surf waves. So I am not detered by my attempts last evening to try something new. It will be nice to put that endeavour in past tense though. When I can say I nailed my BDR and maybe even did something like a squirt.

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