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Friday, February 15, 2008

"Round An Old Cedar Tree"

I agree with most bloggers I guess that this medium is a sure fire way to organise and categorize ones thoughts and life for that matter. A place to get lost in, and a place to let ones thoughts old and new be recorded for anyone interested to view and read. I 've been using my blog for that as of late. Recording old trips that I occaissionally talked about to a few or transferring old images that were part of my enjoyment in the outdoors. Having a blog allows for an organized presentation not only for others but for oneself to reinforce the feelings of freedom and adventure that is always available when one takes time to enjoy them.

This picture is a trip I made to Tofino, British Columbia, before I had a digital, so it is a photo of a photo. I made this trip to Vancouver Island to storm watch on the Pacific West Coast of Canada, in the Pacific Rim National Park area. This was in December of 2000 I think when adverse winter storms are supposed to pound the west coast shores and make for spectacular sea states. The trip was beautiful but this was a winter that was more mild than most. The hikes in the old growth rain forest with old growth "humungus" cedars more than made up for the absence of treacherous weather. This tree is one of many that line the coastline of that area.

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