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Friday, February 22, 2008

"Bloggin' Full"

I like to cook.I'm no chef but I am willing to put in the effort sometimes. I guess I've been a bachelor alot of my life so cooking for myself was inevitable. Tonight a surprise meal for my partner. She does most of the cooking and I sort of help on the fringes. Tonight all me and my own creations.

Got off work early to hit the grocery. Decided to be carniverous this evening. Steak prepared they way we like, medium rare seared in butter and blackened with a bit of cajun and greek spice. Turned out not bad.

Red baby Potatoes from Prince Edward Island that I baked in the oven first, then cut in halves and seared cut side down in cajun spice a bit of butter and tablespoon of olive oil. When crispy mixed thoroughly in the seasonings and then put in oven to finish cooking.

The veggy would be asparagus steamed crisp and topped with granny smith apple chunks and avacado sauteed in a small bit of butter. Once the apple is slightly brown and soft add a bit of Maple Syrup from Nova Scotia and carmelize until a bit of the sugar starts to burn off then serve over the asparagus, topped with seasoned pine nuts.

For an appetizer crab stuffed mushrooms. Bore out some fresh white mushrooms and ready for stuffing which would consist of local Newfoundland crab, red onion (finely chopped), dill herb, finely grated Monterey Jack cheese, and a dob of miracle whip and mixed to a creamy consistency then stuffed in the mushroom caps. Place a little butter in base of appetizer tray and grated parmean on the tops of the stuffed mushrooms and bake in the oven with the potaoes already in there cooking away. When parmesan starts to brown put oven on broil to really heat tops and melt parmesan cheese and brown...not too brown. Put it all together and voila, dinner and a movie me thinks....enjoy! And I have to scan people tomorrow for Ischemic heart disease from hardening of the arteries. The heck with that storm on it's way to hit us and to heck with winter. Chicken soup and salad all next week for sure. Heh! Heh!
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