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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Paddling The Peace"

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The Peace River in Northern BC, which is backed up by the WAC Bennett Dam, is typically a lazy river but when the flood gates are open during repair which is not very often the flow can increase to 60,000 cfs and higher. The standing waves in the background were fun to surf and pound thru. Luke and I were newbies pretty much in this shot but we swallowed our collective anxiety and played here for awhile. Just a few years ago. I remember the excitement I felt when this shot was taken and now I sit today nursing s shoulder injury from trying to do a "back deck roll" at the pool session last evening. They looked pretty mangeable on "U-tube". Ha. Oh. that U-Tube. Thanks for the tips Brian. I did manage a few attempts before the injury and was successful on two occaissons. Need lots of fine tuning yet. I must say it is good to see the talent that does come out to the pool though and hear the stories. Especially Darrin's whirlpool capture in Chile. Maybe my shoulder ain't so bad afterall.

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