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Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Berg Break"

One can only hope that the Icebergs ply the waters off Newfoundland and flow as freely in 2008 as they did in 2007. Their presence sparked alot of constructive debate on whether or not they should be paddled near. I believe it is like most things with kayaking know your environment, know your skills and access the dangers and accept or decline the challenge.
I sure was tired when this shot was taken. I had the most restless sleep as I lie in bed contemplating my paddle with the berg in the morning. I couldn't wait to get on the water. It was extremely choppy, especially trying to take some shots of this thing. Neil happened by and took this shot as I just pulled in to the shore and he actually was a welcomed hand in bringing my kayak up the embankment.

The sleepless night was well worth the thrill of paddling near such a monstrousity. More shots of this berg are in the archives of "June" on this blog.
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Alison Dyer said...

colourful photo Stan. A


Yeah Alison ya almost have to jimmy with the contrast on your computer. Ha.