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Friday, November 16, 2007

"Beached Wreck"

I don't know the name of this wreck in South Dildo but it is an all wooden structure. All that is remaining is the bow post in the foreground and the ribs of its' hull behind. Could perhaps have been an old fishing schooner and no one was around to ask.
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abduk said...

Not Quite a wreck,not quite a schooner.
It is the remains of Mr Clarence Georges whaling boat.It caught fire across the harbour at the Wharf and was cut a drift and thats where she ended up.I don't remember the name,however I'll ask his daughter.

abduk said...

Edit to add.
Checked out my memory being a while since I had heard what it was.Infact it is not Mr Georges boat but henry Mally (sp) A norwegian gentleman in the town.