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Saturday, September 29, 2007

"Purple Walled"

Walls of purple add to the colors as you paddle deep into the environs of a sea cave under the rocky cliffs on an outing in NL. It is not hard to encounter these eye catching rendezvous on any outing along the Avalon Penninsula.
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"Striated Color"

The ocean colors abound on many paddles around the rocks and cliffs in NL, as well as cave entrances. As seen here.
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"Inner Sanctum"

If colors run rampant in a sea cave such as this, in a cave in NL, and no one is there to see it ....... is it still beauty?
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"Cave Kaleidoscope"

The colors inside sea caves can be astounding such as this one in Cape Broyle.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

"Waves Of Marine Drive"

I thought I lost the following wave shots I have just posted. I took a hike at the tail end of a hurricane from down south of the border last year and you will see that the sea was ferocious. I only wish that you could have heard the sound as each one of these waves would surely have been identified with as they lambasted shore. As distinct as their shape and size was the power of their voice.
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"A Thundering Wave"

Gull didn't seem to mind!
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"Churning Wave"

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"A Roll'in Wave"

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Wave A Curling"

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"Wall of a Wave"

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"Wave A Come'n"

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"Wave on Wave"

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"Wave Of Darkness"

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"My Son And I"

Not A recent shot but I am thinking of him. Posted by PicasaLove ya MAtt.

"Out To Dry"

Although this web is far from dry, you can see the out of focus beads of water on it. There were four of these hanging on my clothes line but it was impossible, at least for me, to capture them all with any degree of clarity under the lighting at the time. This one is slightly being blown by the wind.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Portugal Cove"

Potugal Cove is one of my favorite spots in NFLD as it has so much charm. This is early morning on Sept. 22nd, 2007. It was cool at this point but 2 hrs into our paddle we were looking at temps into the twentys. What a wonderful day to be alive.

"The Belle Gang"

Our ferry to Bell Island for a circumnavigation. What an awesome day this turned out to be. Truely a blast.

"Awaiting Launch"

Just hanging and waiting for everyone to launch.


Nothing could stop nor match Malcolm's drive...........paddle!

"A Yarn"

The boys relaxing in the shade of a Bell Island Cliff>

"On The Water"

Filling our senses.

" Belle Heading"

Gaining our paddling positions for the Belle journey.

"A Cave Tempt"

We really wanted to go thru here but the sewlls were much too high and you could see the sea crashing thru the cave on the other side of this portal.

"Paddle Order"

" This is one of my favs of the Bell Island trip as everyone seems to be paddling right in sequence. At least that is what was caught.

"Rounding Belle"

Brian and Dave lead the approach around Belle Island.

"Swell, Swell, Swell"

The swell was huge over the shoals on the NW side of Belle Island. The next pic gives a feel of the size.

"See Ya!"

I know my fellow paddler is going for a ride as you can see the trough that i am in taking the picture.

"Found It"

Sometimes findng your wave is as easy as ridin' right up its' back. Neil finding his.


Alison waiting for her wave. There were many.

"Sharing The Waters"

Neil at a photo -op.

"The Bell Tolls"

Onward we stroke as if drawn by some primal force, for me it was hunger, for at this point I could have eaten the "%ss" of a wild boar.

"Land, Sky, Sea"

Dave Carroll in contemplation as a huge swell roles beneath him seemingly unnoticed by him. Thanks for organizing an excellent day Dave.

"The Bell Gauntlet"

Once thru it was sweet watching others catch their own waves in.