Current Time On The Rock

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"A Fog Wrap"

It is too cool to see how the fog slowly encapsulates the land when the air is very warm and humid and the wind is mild. This is on the East Coast Trail on the way to North Head Point, St. John's , NL. Aug.18th ,2007. Mind Cleansing.

" Fog Hugging"

The fog was spectacular on the hike to North Head just 5 km from Cape Spear. There were spectacular landscapes as the fog rolled in and out during the whole walk, some of the scenery was very captivating and it was neat watching it change within seconds.


I believe Riley was as captivated by the scenery on this hike as I was. Just Riley and I went on the hike from Cape Spear to North Head, which is about 9 km return. We had a snack at the North Head Point and watched waves crash aginst the rocks and the seas were pretty heavy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

"My Son and I"

Middle Cove on Aug.10th 2007. The swell was heavy and high. When a wave crashed at your feet the rocks really hurt your bare ankles in the sandles. He said he liked the sound of the rocks rolling back after a wave washed up on them. I do too.

"Bell Tickle"

This Bell Island Ferry tickles the Tickle everyday and is one of the ways, to reach Bell Island. Took my son on the mine tour there and he and his girl friend thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Bell Island"

If you go on the trail just by the Lighthouse on Bell Island, you'll end up here!