Current Time On The Rock

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Paddling on a wave just about to crash on the little cove behind me.

"Nose Dive"

This was a steep launching pad at a cove in Witless Bay. Although the picture does not accentuate the angle of the beach well it sure was perfect for a seal launch and a bit of a rush as the kayak buried in the water right up to the cockpit combing before it resurfaced. I figured the kayak would submerge like that. Cool!

"Seal Launcher"

Ralph, we had a great paddle yesterday with time for fun and laughs. Always a pleasure paddling with you. I guess this is one way to wash the deck of your boat. A hot paddle in Witless Bay.

"Red Dory"

I underexposed this shot on a bright sunny and hot day in Witless Bay. No whales today as I believe our timing was off. There always seems however to be a NFLD Dory in a cove on any of my outings. July 28th, 2007.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

" Stair to Spear"

This is the walkway to Cape Spear Light, taken 26th,July 2007.

"Cape Spear"

July 26th 2007 hike.

"NL Pitcher"

The Provincial flower is in abundance on part of the East Coast Trail to Maddox Cove, Newfoundland. The Pitcher Plant has a tough skin and very rich colors. You can drink the water out of the pitcher at the flowers' base, just a little bit of bug debris to wash down however. From a hike on July 26th,2007 at Cape Spear.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


"Misog" .......This is my word for mist and fog and this was their capture at Chance Cove.


I took this picture on Wednesday evening from Signal Hill. It was about 23 degrees. The sun was actually a crimson red. July 26th,2007. The clouds were so full!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Broyle Of A Cave"

This is the first SeaCave I encountered on my first paddle in Cape Broyle, NL on July 18th, 2007. I sensed the mystery, curiosity, beauty, tranquility, harmonosity(my own word I think), solidity and liquidity all in one from the outset. I was soon to discover how "The Rock" that is Newfoundland, can open up its' very insides, to give one a mere glimpse of the beauty and wonder that lies within. Kayaking allows one to discover this and Newfoundland does not disappoint. Cape Broyle and its geography and geology allow you to experience first hand how "life can spring from a rock" and flow with the ease and grace of times past and present.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"The Beginning"

Although this is the exit to the first cave I encountered on the South Side of Cape Broyle Harbour it was the beginning of one of the most exciting paddles I had in a long while. The weather was perfect at 26 degrees, the sun was shining, the wind was about 15-20km, if that, and I had lots of time. If you kayak, you must kayak Cape Broyle. I did it alone and at times that is how I get my best body and mind therapy.
The next bunch of images reflect some of that days paddle...just some.

"Port Shoulder"

I shot this pic over my left shoulder just for the fun -of -it and now I'm thinking that some of your best shots could be right behind you!

"Water Dungeon"

I felt like I was in a water dungeon and I don't even know what they feel like!

"Cave Exit"

This is the exit to the cave that I explored in the previous picture at Cape Broyle, NL. July 18th, 2007. Just amazing!

"Right,No Left!"

No matter how ya cut it....I wasn't gettin' thru!

"Fortified Rock"

These gulls reminded me of sentries standing gaurd over their domain and I felt that they were just waiting for the master gull signal to attack me with....well,... you know with what.

"Gull House"

Now I know where the Gulls live.
This was taken on zoom as were all the bird pics so as not to disrupt their habitat.

"Emerald Waters"

It was so sunny today and the water so inviting but not enough to get me to exit my kayak at the entrance to a seacave in Cape Broyle, NL July 18th, 2007.

"A Stopped Stone Gathers Moss"

What more can I really say? In a little cove of Cape Broyle. Life on a rock!

"Bugger Hill"

I am only posting this because it was a "bugger" to climb. The cliff face was all very loose, sharp shale but I was determined to get a good vantage point to see the South side of Cape Broyle which is where I paddled out of the harbour to the south headland then crossed over to the North headland and paddled to this point on the last legs of my trip. My ankles got a bit torn, but really, it was worth it! The South side has all the caves to explore and on this day because it was so calm, I explored them all.....I think.

"Out Of Rock"

Out of rock springs life it seems all over Newfoundland. This little saplings life is barely begun but soon it will face the rigors of the Atlantic, it looks healthy and hearty, such is the climate here.

"NorthSide Falls"

These quaint falls on the north side of Cape Broyle Harbour were a welcomed refreshment after a 4.5 hr paddle in 26 degrees celsius on July 18th,2007.


This boat picture reminded me of the boats that use to go "up the tickle" in my home town years ago when I was a kid. You could hear them going to the jiggin' grounds at about 3 or 4 every morning in the spring and summer. They made a very distinctive "putt-putt" which was dulled but somewhat amplified in the fog.
Trip Facts:GPS Data:
Paddled: 19.6km
Max Speed: 11.4 km
Moving Time: 3hrs 20min
Moving Avg.: 5.9 km
Stopped Time: 45min